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Key Metrics

The Key Metrics tab gives you a snapshot of the product’s rank within its category, customer satisfaction, user rating, and engagement.

  • Category Rank: How the product ranks compared to all other products in this category.
  • Sentiment: The product’s overall sentiment over time.
  • Verified Reviews: The number of verified reviews and reviewers over time.
  • Star Rating: The average star rating of all reviews we analyzed for the product.

Insights Tools

The Insight Tools menu allows you to dive deeper into the product insights.

  • Product SWOT: Product’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Comparison: Head-to-head comparison with any other product or with the entire category.
  • Star Rating Optimizer: Analysis of the product’s star rating and its drivers.
  • Product 360: Analysis of the discussion topics related to the product.


Get a complete SWOT analysis of the product. Identify the product’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The analysis is based on customer satisfaction and customer engagement for each topic of discussion.

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The Comparison tab allows you to compare a specific product with a competing product or with the category’s average results.

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360 Degrees View

The 360 Degrees tab shows you the topics and keywords that consumers tend to discuss the most when writing about the product. For each discussed topic, you can view the share of reviews and the satisfaction rate. By clicking on a specific topic, you can view sample quotes.

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Star Rating

The Star Rating tab shows the star rating over time and the main topics of discussion that drive the customer sentiment up and down. By clicking on the calendar feature on the top right of the page, you can select your preferred time frame of the analysis.

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