Patio & Garden

Patio and Garden

The patio & garden industry has its seasonal swings, varying from a high in summer to a low in winter by its nature. Despite this, it’s a solid industry to invest in with thousands of dedicated customers, and the cyclical nature of consumer interest in garden products means that they often purchase new things each year. This is exacerbated by garden products desirability trends that place new items at the forefront of the consumer’s mind each year.
Discussions in the patio & garden industry often revolve around durability, rustproofing in the case of metal items, toxicity, animal-friendliness, and child-friendliness. The latter two are especially important in the mind of the public today, with worries about potential chemical leaching a factor for the more environmentally minded, and structurally dangerous items being widely reported in recent times. Other concerns revolve around the impact on the local environment, especially in more rural areas, as well as the sustainability and overall eco-friendliness of the manufacturing process, with sentimate data you can easily check the industry products insights

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