What’s driving your star ratingup and down?

Star rating is one of the most common ways for consumers to give feedback on a product. Sentimate’s AI tool can help you understand what’s behind your rating.

Get a crystal clear picture

Star rating is one of the easiest and fastest ways for consumers to express their satisfaction on a product online. That’s why consumers are more likely to rate your product than write a detailed review. Sentimate can help you understand your product’s star rating by drilling down into the features and topics of discussion affecting your star rating.


Timeline of your star rating

Compare your product’s star rating with the category average, and see if you are performing better or worse than the broader product category. See a clear timeline of your product’s star rating over time.


Star rating drivers

What’s driving your rating up and down? See which topics of discussions and features are most prominent in the consumer opinions with the highest rating (5 stars) and those that are most prominent in the opinions with the lowest ratings (1-3 stars).

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